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Featured Spotlight: Toni Rae

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in Models


(photos by MADCreativity.com)

We've been hearing alot about Toni Rae on twitter and when we saw her layout in American Curves, we knew we had to get to know her a little better. A perfectly proportioned 32C-24-35 frame contained in a petite 5 foot body, she is guaranteed to turn heads where ever she goes. But don't get too bold, she's been known to get a little fiesty and according to our photographer, has a pretty nasty left hook. It's ok Toni, you can man-handle any of our staff any day;) Join us after the jump for some more pics of Toni to get things heated up.

tonirae5 tonirae8

We have been following you on twitter for a while, but where have we seen you around?

American Curves Swimsuit Issue 2011, numerous calendars, online interviews, and magazine features; along with music videos & event hostings. 


Of all the projects you have been involved in which stands out the most for you?

Probably my most recent shoot for American Curves. Getting to shoot with them for a 2nd time was really fun. I had such a good time with the whole crew, and am so excited for my issue to hit the stands! 


How and when did you originally get involved in modeling? 

Well, I was always in front of the camera as a little girl, such a ham! So it almost came natural for me to pursue modeling. I got the opportunity about 6 years ago, when a mutual friend had taken up photography & was looking for some fresh new faces. 


What's your one feature that gets you noticed the most? 

Probably my butt! Lol. I'm very petite & curvy...that definitely gets me some good bonus points. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Still in the industry or moving on to conquer other endeavors?

Hopefully still in the industry, obviously conquering new levels & achievements. I definitely want to continue modeling for a while. 


If one of our readers got the courage to ask you out and you said yes. What kind of date do they need to plan out? 

Nothing too extravagant. I'm simple, but I do like trying new things as well. Putting in some sort of effort is really what matters. 

 tonirae1 tonirae2

Who's got a better chance of getting your number in the first place-the bad boy or the nice guy that can make you laugh?

Probably the nice guy that can make me laugh. I'm a sucker for humor. 


What's the quickest way for a guy to blow his chance at a second date with you? 

Cockiness/arrogance. I don't like it at all. I'm all about a man being confident, and taking pride in himself. But all that other attitude, has got to go. 


Alot of guys - except for us, we're pros;) seem to be oblivious when a woman sends out some hints their way to show they are interested. What are some of the signs you give out when a guy catches your eye?

I'm usually pretty outgoing. Not overly obvious. But I like to think I'm easy to talk to & approach. If I'm making eye contact or keeping a conversation going, I'm usually pretty interested. 


If your guy were to commit the following transgressions what sort of action would you take: Break Up or Beat Down! 

a) You catch him going through your phone

Beat Down! lol

b) He winds up forgetting your anniversary

It happens with most men, but i guess its an appropriate beat down moment! 

c) You happen to notice some chick just sent him some naughty pics on his phone

Probably break up. Unless I was absolutely sure that he was not taking part or telling her to stop, definitely break up.

d) You catch him at the club when he said he was staying in

I'd say break up. Honesty & communication are key to every relationship, if he feels the need to lie about something so simple, then he has to get packing. 


You know we love us some MMA, who are your favorite UFC/MMA fighters?

I'd say Anderson Silva. He's like a little spider monkey bouncing around that cage. No one can keep up with him, I love it! 

 tonirae6 tonirae7

How often do you hit the gym to keep in such great shape?

I just recently started a workout regimen, I've been trying to go 3x a week. Makes you feel so much better about yourself, especially after some of the junk we eat! Lol


If you could climb in the cage and settle a grudge with any annoying celebrity who would it be and why?

Hmmm...that's a tough one. I don't really think have that much anger towards anyone I don't know lol. Maybe just for fun, I'd probably pick Kim Kardashian. I'd love to see how she throws down in the cage. 


How can your fans keep in touch with you online? 

They can follow me by adding my social sites for now, my website is coming soon! 

Twitter: @IAmToniRae 

Instagram: IAmToniRae 

and my FB page: www.facebook.com/OfficialToniRae 


Any parting words for our readers?

Thanks again to ModelsandMMA for the feature & thank you to the readers for taking the time for getting to know Toni Rae a little bit better. <3