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Sarah Leann just made it on our wishlist!

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You want a girl that's into MMA, fast cars, and is drop dead sexy? Well say hello to Sarah Leann from Houston, Texas. This All American beauty from the Lone Star State is catching her fair share of attention in the modeling scene and it's easy to see why. With her gorgeous smile, pretty hazel eyes, and killer curves she is a guaranteed show stopper and we are proud to feature her on our site. Be sure to catch more of her on her official Facebook page and her upcoming website. In the meantime let's get to know her a little better and see some more hot pics of Sarah. You better buckle in, this girl moves fast, espcially when she's riding in a Lamborghini! Check it out after the jump! 



It seems like you have been making appearances everywhere lately. With a list of credits that is quickly growing, which project(s) that you have been involved with stand out the most?


The videos that I've shot for GearHead Flicks definitely! I've been in front of a camera before but never while being filmed going 170 down the freeway in an Lamborghini Gallardo!!  


(video via GearHeadFlicks)



We're sure we're not the first to mention your killer physique. What do you do to keep in such great shape?

I just started workouts at TKC fitness w/ Larry "Tae Kwone" Crowe and I've always been a cheeseburger fan but lately I've been trying to eat a little more on the healthy side. 





What's the most important character trait a girl needs to have if she wants to become a model?

Confidence. You won't get anywhere without it. You just can't let it go to your head.  


Name a little know fact about you:

I can sew!




When no one is looking you like to do this:

Snuggle on the couch and watch TV :)



You're starting to get a few photoshoots under your belt. How about some advice for new girls who might be new to shooting. How do you get over feeling awkward in front of the camera to shooting some amazing sexy pics?

Shooting with a group of girls for your first shoot is a good way to warm up to the atmosphere. You can watch how other girls pose and get a feeling of what to do. Always accept feedback. First time I shot by myself a few glasses of wine was my trick to warming up. I think it's natural to feel shy or awkward your first time the spotlights all on you. But when your working with a professional photographer they will do a good job of making you feel comfortable. 



Which physical feature gets you the most attention?

My legs! They aren't too thick nor to skinny. They are JUST RIGHT! 



What physical feature on a guy gets your attention?

His eyes. 


Time for some dating advice. A lot of girls we interview list arrogance as their number one turn off. Give our readers a few dating tips and help them fill in the blanks.

a) If a guy takes a girl out on a first date he should NEVER _____________:

Be on his phone!

b) If we manage to take a girl home after a date, we should ALWAYS ____________:

Offer them to stay the night. Makes her feel more than just a one night stand and like your actually into her. 

c) If we run into an ex while on a date we should ______________:

Introduce them. That way she knows you don't still have left over feelings for the ex. 


You've been on a few MMA sites, are you a big fan of the sport? Who is your favorite MMA fighter?

I'm more of a local supporter. My two friends fight and kinda got me into the sport. Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis and Larry "Tae Kwone" Crowe 


Any parting words for our readers and your fans?

I wanna thank all my fans and everyone who has supported me so far! :) 

Official website: www.SarahLeann.com

Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarahgleann