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Wish upon a star and ask for Cindy Starfall!

Written by Models and MMA. Posted in Models



We met Cindy Starfall at last nears Nightmoves show in Tampa and decided to catch up with her to see what she has been up to. In case you don't know who she is, Cindy was a  glamour model who decided to take the plunge into the world of adult entertainment and begin her career as a porn star. Her exotic good looks and her sexuality quickly made her a fan favorite and she's gone on to work for some of the top companies in the business like  Hustler, Wicked, Penthouse, Evil Angel, Digital Playground, Adam & Eve and many more. 


We asked her for an interview and she didn't disappoint, giving us some very candid answers and sending us some VERY sexy pics to brighten up our day! Check out this gorgeous Vietnamese beauty and be sure to follow her online on. Follow her, tweet her, buy her movies! You'll be glad you did. Join us after the jump for more of Cindy Starfall. 



Cindy Starfall 








Hi Cindy, thanks for the interview:) Your bio says you were a glamour model before getting started in the adult industry. Take us all the way to the beginning. How did you begin regular modeling?


While working at a corporate job, I decided I wanted to explore my sexuality a little bit more.  I tried out modeling first with my photographer friend. I realized that I love being in front of the camera.  Everyone around me knows I'm such a horny little freak. When I caught my friend jerking off to a webcam girl I thought that looks fun, I should try it!  Being the curious kitty I am, I want to try everything.  Before I knew it, I was doing corporate conservative work during the day and being a naughty cam girl at night.


As I gained popularity as a cam girl, I was called into HR office for a serious talk. They informed me that they knew about what I was doing off work. It was almost the same rebellious feeling I felt when my mom found out I wasn't not a virgin anymore. Being a sagittarius, I'm always seeking new adventures so I decided to leave my corporate job and be a freelance model.


How long after glamour modeling did it take you to make the jump to adult?

After one year of doing glamour/webcam modeling, I decided to take my sexuality to the next level. I'm a go getter so I just woke up one morning and said, "I'm going to be a porn star." As always, being the horny chick I am, I went to a swinger club that night and met an executive for Hustler. He gave me some connections and that's how my porn journey started.


How did you get your start shooting your first XXX scene?

For my first shoot, I started my day with my daily routine of masturbation in bed. I call it my morning sex when there's no guy sleeping over.  After my morning masturbation, my head is cleared and ready for the day.  My first shoot was for Reality King. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all; I was more exciting because I would be doing something that my traditional family would never accept.  The taboo turns me on and it turned out to be a great scene.


What's your favorite part of shooting hardcore scenes?

 My favorite part of shooting any scene is having sex with strangers. One of my fetish is sleeping with strangers who I've never met before. They turn me on because I know nothing about them.  Every day on set is a different day, nothing is the same.  Different company, different scenerio, different boobs, differnet penis! LOL! The unknown excites me


Least favorite aspect of shooting adult?

When the director says "Time for the cum shot." I'm thinking "Noooo, I want more!"


Any favorite movies you have been in that you would recommend for our…personal collection? Or are there any upcoming projects we can look forward to seeing you in?

I give 100% effort in all my movies.  It depends on what you like; if you like a really messy blow job, I recommend the 2013 AVN winner "Asian Fuck Faces" from Evil Angel.  My favorite interracial scenes are "Mandingo Massacre" and "Interracial Internal."


My upcoming projects include my first action feature movie "Saving Humanity" from ATK coming out in September.  Also, "Orgy Master" from Jules Jordan and "Asian Deep Dish Orgy" from Hustler are both coming up in late May.


How long have you been feature dancing? Were you stripping before or did you start once you started shooting movies?

I haven't been feature dancing for long. I just did my first one in San Francisco actually. I wasn't a stripper before, in fact, I'd only been into strip club once before I started porn. Feature dancing is fun, I got to meet my fans and see their happy faces and I appreciate all their support.


What do you think is your best physical feature?

My bubble butt and my eyes.  However, industry people often describe me as an "Asian girl with a Latin booty" so you can tell me which one you agree with more :)


It goes without saying you have an amazing figure. What do you do to keep in shape?

Aww. thank you! I try to workout with my trainer 3x/week.  We often do plyometric exercises.  I also do a lot of squats, pulls up, burpees.  My goals is toning since I don't want to look too skinny.


Also, I have to watch my diet as well.  Being Asian, I grew up eating rice everyday so trying to limit down the rice is a bit of a challenge for me.


The first thing that comes to mind when someone sees you is spinner! At 4'11" petite is an understatement. What kind of guy are you attracted to-someone closer to your size or a really tall guy?

I'm attracted to guys who are around 5'7-6ft.  Not too short, not too tall. But that is just a physical thing, I usually am  more attracted for the chemistry that we have.  A guy can look so perfect, but not be able to hold a conversation and that's a huge turn off for me.  On the other hand, a guy who can hold a conversation and has a great sense of humor will get my attention most often.


Who's your celebrity crush?

I'm a sucker for older men.  John Cena, Vin Diesel and Sylvester Stallone are my three favorite. A gangbang with them is my fantasy.


Fill in the blank: I wish more men would do this on dates:

"Make the first move!" Because I'm always the first one to kiss a guy or initiate sex, I just want to do it and then we can have dinner afterward!


Could you ever date a guy who was your fan first before you he met you?

Definitely. It doesn't matter if he's a fan or a stranger, I believe in chemistry and would love to date whoever keep me interested and respects my career.  I wouldn't turn down an amazing guy just because he is a fan.


During sex are you taking charge or do you prefer to be more submissive?

I prefer to be more submissive and let the man take full control of me.  However, it's the other way around if I'm having sex with a girl then I'm more of the aggressive one.


Give us three things that never fail in turning you on:

Passionate kissing, dirty talking, sense of humor


So having worked with industry pros does it make it a lot harder for a regular guy to impress you in bed?

No, of course not.  I have done a lot of interracial scenes and a regular guy might feel intimidated because his cock isn't Mandingo or Lexington Steele.

Honestly, I prefer a guy who knows how to work his cock better than a guy who's just hung and not doing anything.  My #1 motto with penis is "a guy who is average is usually the one who gives the most effort."


Fill in the blank: You need to follow me on twitter because ____________

"You don't want to miss out on all those masturbation- worthy pictures!"



Your bio says your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur in the adult industry. What do you plan on doing in the future?

As of right now my company manages my brand, videos, and website.  I eventually want to expand my company into a production company or a lingerie collection since my background was in fashion business.


Any shout outs you want to give to anyone?

Shout out to all my Catholic girls who I went to high school with, thanks for letting me experience the girl girl action after school and turn me into the freak that I am today!


Last words for our readers and your fans?

I want to thanks my loyal fans for all your supports. I enjoy all the fan emails, cum shot photos, and long drive just to come see me.  Without you, I'm nothing!